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Family Law Arbitrations

by on May 22, 2020 Leave your thoughts

There is now a National Family Law Arbitration List managed in both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court. Arbitration is often an excellent option in property disputes for those who wish to avoid long expensive delays and the stress inherent in the court system. Arbitration is not available for any matter that involves... View Article

Wills and Estate Disputes Resolution

by on May 21, 2020 Leave your thoughts

Estate Disputes on the rise – Right now Wills and Estates disputes are on the increase. Why? A generation of wealthy baby boomers is coming to a close. Boomers are now passing on their wealth to the next generation via their Wills, Testamentary Trusts or by simply irresponsibly dying intestate leaving their survivors to fight... View Article

Time Billing v Fixed Fees – Legal Services

by on February 27, 2020

Recent Market research done by Lawyers Weekly reveals that about 40% of law firms are now offering fixed fees to their clients rather than time costing/billing them. Law firms who time cost their work will usually charge their clients in 6 minute increments. They employ bill preparation software. Each lawyer logs in the units of... View Article


by on January 6, 2020

Tasmania has more of an ageing population than in most other States. So elder law is of particular importance here. So what is Elder Law? It is law of particular important to older people. For example – older people being treated differently in the workplace; discrimination based on age; ageism; financial abuse; Powers of Attorney... View Article

More on the Australian Family Law Crisis

by on January 1, 2020

A plethora of articles appear regularly in the mainstream news about the ongoing family law crisis in Australia. For instance, this just appeared in The Australian on 2nd January – “The first phone call some parents will make in the New Year will be to a family law firm that stands to make thousands –... View Article

What Clients Want from Lawyers

by on October 24, 2019

The New South Wales Bar publishes Bar News every quarter. The 2019 Winter edition is just out. There is an article titled “The incredible shrinking Bar”. It makes this statement- “Barristers are losing work because clients distrust the adversarial legal system and shirk litigation.” Clients don’t want to pay the price of avoidable litigation. They... View Article

Commercial Disputes Resolution in North West Tasmania

by on June 14, 2019

Whitelaw Legal Group is an expert in commercial disputes management and resolution. We provide dispute management and dispute resolution services to our clients either directly or we refer them to our sister business TasDisputesCentre at www.tasdisputescemtre.com.au If the dispute management will require ongoing legal advice, then Whitelaw Legal Group will provide that. However, if two... View Article

Being a Disrupter in Commercial Disputes Resolution

by on April 18, 2019

The Problem – Roughly 500,000 commercial disputes are filed in courts around Australia each year. That is a lot of disputes! Going to Court should be the last resort for everyone involved in a commercial dispute. Why so? Because – Litigation is a time waster; Litigation is very costly; Litigation is a major distraction to... View Article


by on January 29, 2019

Elder abuse happens in many different ways. Physical abuse by family members, by aged care facilities and by other forms of carer for the aged. Financial abuse. Misuse of Powers of Attorney to sell of assets or spend money held in bank accounts. Duress applied to decision making by the elderly. Undue influence in making... View Article

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