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More on the Family Law Court Crisis

Posted: November 6, 2018 12:28 am Categories: ,

Are you following the fairly regular news on the family court?

The Family Court is caught up in a struggle between politics, lawyers, the public and law reform.

What do they all agree on?

That there is a pressing need for reform.

The current financial and wellbeing costs of engaging with the court system is too high and the delays too long.

The cost and delay makes breaking up so much harder and more stressful for those involved.

The Australian Law Reform Commission has put out a discussion paper and one of its recommended reforms is to include better triaging of cases at the front end.

This is exactly what Whitelaw Legal Group does and has been doing for many years.

We are big believers in the benefits of Triage.

What is Legal Triage?

It’s a process we apply to work out the best options and strategies to manage a dispute.

Triage factors in the people involved, their personalities, their finances and their special needs and objectives.

And here’s some very good news – we don’t charge for the triage service.

Once we complete the triage step we then produce a blueprint or roadmap to our client for review and discussion.

When the blueprint is finalised and approved we then prepare and send out our cost agreement.

Often family property settlement disputes can be managed and resolved without or with only minimal involvement of the court system.

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