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What Clients Want from Lawyers

Posted: October 24, 2019 8:06 am Categories: , ,

The New South Wales Bar publishes Bar News every quarter.

The 2019 Winter edition is just out.

There is an article titled “The incredible shrinking Bar”.

It makes this statement-

“Barristers are losing work because clients distrust the adversarial legal system and shirk litigation.”

Clients don’t want to pay the price of avoidable litigation.

They resent lawyers urging them into unnecessary and/or unproductive court cases.

So what do they want from their lawyers?

  • They want their lawyers to think strategically and commercially and not just try to make out a case they can take to court.
  • They don’t want their lawyers to enjoy an adversarial joust at their expense.
  • Clients want their lawyers to put their interests first rather than enjoy a lawyers picnic out of their woes.

Sometimes, of course, you just have to go to court to get things sorted.

Some disputes are more intractable and will need a judicial determination.

But most disputes can be resolved via strategic thinking, skilful negotiation and/or mediation.

Client now expect their lawyers to get familiar with their business environment and industry.

They want their lawyers to give them their strategic view of their situation and make strategic recommendations; not just give a lengthy legal opinion about where they stand legally.

They expect to be presented with options and with help to weigh up those options.

They want their lawyers to think holistically and offer solutions that align with their interests and needs.

Whitelaw Legal Group has adopted this approach  since opening our doors here in Burnie NW Tasmania in late 2017.

It’s nice to see that our approach is being endorsed by some leaders of the NSW Bar.

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