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More on the Family Law Court Crisis

by on November 6, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you following the fairly regular news on the family court? The Family Court is caught up in a struggle between politics, lawyers, the public and law reform. What do they all agree on? That there is a pressing need for reform. The current financial and wellbeing costs of engaging with the court system is... View Article

Dodgy Building Certifiers

by on October 26, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Who is a dodgy building certifier? They are building certifiers who certify defective building work as being compliant with the the Building Codes, Regulations and Standards. Therefore, home owners are most definitely at risk. Building a new home? Having an extension built? Wanting to do some expensive renovations or refurbishments? Your local council will require... View Article

Defamation Suits – Sword or Shield?

by on September 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Defamation Suits are on the rise in Australia. In fact they are proliferating, and are often being used as a weapon to remove offensive online material. It’s not just rich people suing Media and Media personalities. Those disputes account for about 30% of all defamation suits being filed each year. No the proliferation is the... View Article

Family Law Courts in Crisis

by on September 21, 2018 Leave your thoughts

The family court system in Australia is in crisis and people with family court disputes are suffering badly as a result. There are non-litigious alternatives to getting pushed into the court system. These alternatives can help people resolve their disputes quickly, cost effectively and without being subjected the stresses of litigation. Almost every day there... View Article

Resolving Disputes Early, Less Expensively and Less Stressfully

by on September 1, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Tasmanian Legal Profession : Early Dispute Resolution Strategies v Traditional Litigation Methods There have been extensive discussions both privately and publicly regarding the legal profession leaning too heavily on traditional methods as a means to resolve disputes. Indeed, quite a few years back, at an industry conference, Victorian Supreme Court Judge David Byrne mentioned the... View Article

Residential Building Disputes Tasmania

by on September 1, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Has your company ever been caught up in an unpleasant building dispute with one of your clients?  Such disputes can become a real distraction, can’t they? They can also place an unwelcome burden on your cashflow, productivity and potentially threaten your good reputation. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, contractual disputes cost the building... View Article

UnFair Contracts – Misleading Conduct – Scams – 3 Biggest Problems for Small Business

by on August 28, 2018 Leave your thoughts

From January to June this year the ACCC (Australian Consumer and Competition Commission) received nearly 3800 contacts (reports and enquiries) about small business issues plus 263 contacts about franchising issues. The most common issue reported to us by small businesses was misleading conduct and false representations with over 1000 reports. Small businesses also reported a total... View Article

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